Oh the joys Tuesday, Feb 1 2011 


So, here in Wisconsin we’re getting hit with some serious snow….And I am getting sick of it, lol. Main reason why I hate it is because I’m gonna have to shovel it all up and there’s no where to put it. And there’s more crap coming. Ugh! x.x Wisconsin….I hate you! Oh, and it doesn’t help any that my town decides to come through with the plows either never or (like they did again today) after 6am, which locks in my fiancee’s car on the road (and he parked there AFTER the 6am parking ban). Ugh. Hate winter :/

But it’s okay, because starting today I have 2 weeks off from school and I hope to hell to get my ass in gear and get some art work done!! Been needing to do it for some time, so yay for me! =D LOL I get the time to. And I’m sure I’ll make a blog for me to upload it here, since I have no place else to place it (dA I refuse to use anymore :/ ). Oh, and maybe I’ll get to finishing and re-writing my story I’ve been working on….I’ve HATED what I wrote so far…So I need to re-do it and make it better.


The things people do… Sunday, Jan 23 2011 

I’ve found out some interesting stuff on some certain people that make me go “what the fuck is wrong with them?” I just found out that certain, unnamed people, have decided to dive themselves into the world of hard drugs.

Now by hard drugs I mean shit other than pot (which I don’t give a shit if someone does), but it’s this other shit that pisses me off, and for a few reasons.

1) One of these people had, we thought, pulled herself away from this shit. I guess she was a weaker person than we thought. She’s fucking up her life…but not just her’s….Which brings me to point 2

2) Theses people have a 2 year old son that they are doing this shit in front of.

Finding out this stuff just really pisses off a person. It’s just sad to see people letting their lives go into the shitter like that. I just hope that something happens to them that will make them turn their shit around. If not for tnemselves then for their kid.

Drag and Drop Wednesday, Dec 15 2010 

For the love of God, please watch this! I think more people need to see what happened here! I know I don’t have many, if any, people who read my blog, but this needs to be put out there.

This poor man, was RIPPED out of his wheelchair by British police during a protest because he was “wheeling” towards them. Apparently this is a threatening action and he deserved to be treated this way? Wheeling in a wheelchair towards police will mean that they have the right to pull you out of your chair and drag you across the street.

Oh, did I forget that he’s got CP and cannot wheel himself? He needs his brother to?

Seriously, this is complete bullshit. And I DO NOT like how the BBC reporter handled the entire thing. He didn’t even seem to care that this man was manhandled by the police. He seemed more worried about with the “What were you doing? Weren’t you being threatening?” aspect. Oh, and somehow people other people where throwing thing means that his man needs to be dragged. :/

Been away…Mentally Tuesday, Nov 30 2010 


Yeah, that’s about how I feel right now. Too much to do, not enough time, not enough sleep. I could…No should be sleeping right now…But I’m not. I just can’t. There’s too much to do!

School just seems to piling up…So much work, not enough time. I know most college students say that, but most don’t have year round classes, and classes that have a whole semester’s work load crammed into 5 weeks. It’s really insane and I’m not sure how much more I can handle this! I do have Christmas to look forward to. I get a 2 week break, then after my class ends, I’m going to take another 2 week break. Why? Because I need it for my mental health.

Having a mental break down at 11pm when your fiancee is gone at work, and your by yourself (minus the cat) is NOT fun! That’s what happened to me!

I am just in need of a break and cannot wait for it. Normally I hate Christmas, but I think this year will be good! I got a friend spending  Christmas and New years with me, and she’s always been good about getting me back on track, letting me vent, and just over all helping me out when I’m feeling like crap. So, I think this is what I need!

But between now and then….I gotta sit back, try to sleep and try not to let the stress kill me! lol

Phone Art Sunday, Nov 7 2010 

Eye of the Phoenix

Image I made on my Palm Pre using Paintr. Amazingly fun app! =D

Novel Friday, Nov 5 2010 

Just plugging my Novel! =D


It’s only in the works, and being posted as I finish each chapter. Enjoy! =D

Some People Part 2 Friday, Nov 5 2010 

If anyone has read this post I made awhile back, then you will know that I had some issues with some people. Well, the girl I was talking about in the second half of that post has just been added more to my shit list.


Because she has come out and said she wants to…Well…Yeah, ya know, my fiancee! WTF is wrong with that bitch!! Seriously, why do people think that they can just go around and screw whom ever they wish and not care?

Also, on a side note, I ended up having to dump another friend who thought that my life needed to revolve around hers at her becking. Ugh. Why do I always find people who are like that and find out too late what they are like? x.x I’m really starting to hate it. Sometimes I wonder about people I befriend.

Been awhile… Thursday, Nov 4 2010 

Okay, so it’s been awhile. Yeah, I’m lame, lol. But oh well! =D

Main reason why I haven’t been posting: My phone. I had to get a new one, and the app I use for WordPress is NOT telling me log in! >_< grr! lol Oh well….

One of these days, I’ll get things working again.

Also…I believe that I will be making a new blog that is just for my story, once I get further into it. About half way with Chapter 1. Just a little something I’ve been wanting to work on, and doing it now for NaNoWriMo. About a few days behind now O.o Oops! Hopefully I can get caught up this weekend. lol

Muse Concert Thursday, Oct 7 2010 

Just got home from the Muse concert….Pics and videos to follow tomorrow! =D

But over all…..I must say…….WAS AMAZING!!!! ❤ Dom is amazing, I loves him! tehe lol

I was about 15 feet from the stage, so I had a good view of the entire show. =D

Well damn!! :o Friday, Oct 1 2010 

Wow….been away for awhile..sorry about that. I shall blame school because it seems like a good thing to blame =D lol

Anywho, not much of anything new. Pissed off more people (or just one person I should say) and I don’t give a rat’s ass because she made a decision without thinking through what might happen. That’s what happens when you make a rash decision and don’t talk to those you consider “family”. Other people have to make decisions that’s best for them and you might get screwed over, but since you’re the one that set everything into motion it’s really no one’s fault but yours.

But onto happier things! =D Almost done with this damned class I’m in and going onto a damn business class x.x Gah. I seriously thought I was done with business classes when I switched majors. Fuck my life, lol. Oh well. Lol. I shall suffer through it. *dead* lol

Right now I’m just enjoying the fact it’s fall and it’s October and that it’s my fave month ever!!! =D Also that the Muse concert is about 5 days away! Whoohoo!! Lol

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